Day 2: Already Toast

Yesterday I got oriented. Four times. Administrative orientation. Academic orientation. New student orientation. Library orientation. Throw in a campus tour, a lunch with faculty, a critical writing discussion, and the first lecture I attended. I had to make myself go to dinner instead of going straight to bed.

The advice I heard repeatedly: “Pace yourself.” “Don’t go to everything.” I resisted this advice on Tuesday because (a) I’m so freaking tough, they don’t know how tough I am, and (b) I want to get everything possible out of my time (and money!) here.

But I learn fast. I skipped the faculty reading last night and followed my roommate’s advice to color-code my schedule.1 I marked lectures and events that I’m required to attend or really don’t want to miss, things I’m definitely going to skip, and things I’ll go to if I’m not completely wiped out. I feel moderately in control.

Today is my first day of workshop. My roommate (a fiction writer) and I both agree that we’re not so much worried about having our own writing workshopped as we are about giving feedback to others. I feel so much less confident about my critiquing skills as a poet compared to my non-fiction days, but I guess that’s part of the point of being here.

Also on tap today: faculty advisor speed dating!

1Why yes, I did bring three shades of highlighter. I’m me, remember?

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