Is this thing on?

Hi, there.  It’s been a while.  For the last 18 months my job has kind of consumed my life.  It’s made me feel sad and weirdly lonely and, worst of all. ashamed. My New Year’s resolution is to take some of that back.1

December has been a hard month.  I fell and broke my right arm (two places) and a finger at the beginning of it.  Three weeks in, I found out the bone wasn’t setting properly, and so a few days before Christmas I had surgery to put in two screws and a plate.  It’s my dominant arm, and I’m not supposed to use it for anything at all for now.  Everything takes about three times as long as I think it should.  I have to ask my husband to tie my shoes and co-workers to zip up my coat.  I’ve spent a lot of time incredulous and resistant to just how helpless I currently am.  I spent New Year’s Eve with a migraine, the body’s way of knocking me (literally) on the side of the head,

Lucky for me, a migraine is often the signal that I’ve gotten to the other side of some stress, that I have stopped fighting against what is.  I feel calmer today than I have in … months.  I spent the morning inhaling a beautiful chapbook by a good friend, and this afternoon I wrote a (terrible, terrible) first draft of a new poem.  Progress.

Anyway, starting today I’ll be trying to read and write myself back into poetry.  I’ll post here the things that inspire me and what I’m learning along the way.  I’m trying to be patient.  And kind.

Happy New Year.

1 The internet is full today of people heaping scorn on the arbitrariness of New Year resolutions.  I say that whatever helps me (and you, friend!) get things done has power.  Screw cynicism.  New year?  New home?  Back to school?  New season, new week, new day?  They all have energy. Use it

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